A Bad PR Stunt

by Hadley Stern Nov 27, 2007

I am very sorry to post this publicly but at this point this has gone to far. Apple Matters is a big site, and it runs on Expression Engine, one of the best platforms out there. At this point this joke is beginning to impact other businesses and I cannot let that happen.

I made a mistake of judging the inpact of this hoax. Apple Matters runs on the incredibly perfect platform Expression Engine and is hosted by Engine hosting, which is a fantastic company. When I was first approached me about the hoax I thought it was a little harmless fun. I did not fully understand the impact of this, so lesson learnt. Again, Apple Matters, running on expression engine was in no way hacked. It was a joke publicity stunt that I thought would be funny to attract attention.

I apologize wholeheartedly to anyone this may have inadvertently impacted.



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