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Tanner Godarzi

Tanner’s early experience with the Mac platform began with, at the time, brand new iMac G3s in various Computer Labs at his school running OS9. His decision to switch was not made by him but his mom and her interest for the iPod. Liberating him from PC tyranny was a PowerBook G4 and he has been a happy switcher ever since. By day he is a Windows user, by night a Mac lover.

While not enjoying long bike rides, listening to his iPod or avoiding the HTML and CSS horror that is Myspace Tannercan be found writing for his Technology centric Blog Tech Blot or his own Blog

Like Smaran, Tanner is ranked in the top 100 of the popular Social News Bookmarking site Digg.com under the alias “titlesaysitall” and can be found on Netscape. Tanner’s fixation to Apple has extend to a PowerBook, Mac Mini, iMac G3 and iPods.


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