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  • Jun 11, 2010
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  • Totally agree about the iPad, ChiefTom. But that's the brilliance of Jobs and Apple. They introduce this amazing new gadget and give it a name that sounds like a feminine hygiene product. Everyone has a laugh. And rightfully so. But now, after selling two million of them, Apple is getting a lot less Maxi pad jokes. Heck, no one even thinks about the connection anymore because the product is so jaw-droppingly new and successful. Compare that to Microsoft, which took the name of its most famous product and just stuck a number behind it. Boo! We're consumers. We like to think our phones define us, or at least makes us look cooler than we are. So give us a phone that sounds like it could double as a sci-fi novel. Like Android. Or Destructobot. ANYTHING but (pushes up glasses, speaks in nasal monotone) Microsoft Phone 7. Am I being unfair by saying that just because of its name the phone is going to suck? Maybe a little. But I'd like to think that given Ballmer and Microsoft's recent history, the skepticism is more than warranted. Either way, thanks for stopping by. And please learn to love the mudslinging/reporting combo platter, otherwise I'm out of a job resume examples.
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