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  • Sep 16, 2005
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  • James, 1. Tape drives do not continue to be used because of institutional inertia, but because tape storage is MUCH more accurate in storing and retrieving data than a hard drive. Also, tape storage archives much much better than hard drives do. If you have mission critical data, and you need to have it 25 years from now, you better be using tape, not hard drives. 2. The power supply is not outside the Mini only for space reasons, but also for heat generation reasons. You put the power supply transformer in the Mac Mini and you're going to need a fan. vb_baysider, I have to take issue with this statement of yours: "Flash memory only has a life of a couple million write cycles. While this is plenty for an MP3 player or digital camera which doesn’t access flash memory constantly, flash ram as a hard drive replacement would die a quick and painful death and your laptop would be a very expensive paperweight in under 6 months." If this is the case, why is my Palm Vx (8mb of flash memory) still reading and writing data continuously and perfectly after five years of constant use?
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    Flash Based Laptops, Sooner Than You Think
  • What do iMovie, Mail, and Safari have to do with Leopard? These are applications, not the operating system. Yes, I know Safari, for example, uses WebKit, which, as a framework, is "part" of the OS, but improving iMovie has nothing to do with improving the operating system it runs on.
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    Anticipating Leopard
  • Ha ha ha ha! Are you baiting us? (I guess I'll bite). How could Tiger be better? Are you serious? First, the Finder, from a UI perspective is gaddawful, almost tragic. Spotlight, again from a UI perspective is almost as bad. Second, there are TONS of problems with Tiger. "Minor bug fixes" is all you want? Don't you read macfixit.com? How about an installer that actually works, or full Bluetooth support no matter which bluetooth adapter you install, or AFP server connections that don't cause kernel panics, or fan management software that is sensible. Maybe Tiger runs well for you, and, it runs pretty well for me too, but a good operating system is, to me, defined first of all by predictability (broken by the horrid UI in Finder), and second of all by stability (which in all too many cases is absent). http://www.macfixit.com Did you overlook John Syracusa's review. Maybe you should look at Tiger from a thoughtful computer user's perspective. http://arstechnica.com/reviews/os/macosx-10.4.ars Okay, I took the bait. My major wishes in Leopard: 1) Fix the Finder and Spotlight; 2) Implement and utilize the capabilities for working with file meta-data for all they're worth; 3) Make it stable, and not just for casual users. And hey, I'm with you on the 64 bit question. Full 64 bit support would be nice. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I would like Apple to just focus on fixing things and improving performance instead of adding toys like "Dashboard." Ooof, what a stinker. On pet peeve level: Why do the default icons for HOME and FAVORITES look like they designed them for nine year olds? Fire away! Mac fan: Not because it's perfect but because it's the best thing we have at the moment.
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    Anticipating Leopard