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  • May 04, 2007
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  • ps: I don't think Apple will release HDTVs or BluRay players or anything like that. First of all, HDTVs are not the same thing as computer displays. Look at all the stuff a Bravia Engine does to the tv signal before it's displayed in order to enhance it. This is a completely different science, one Apple has no experience it. They'd have to buy a specialized company or hire lots and lots of people. Not that they couldn't do that, but second: Apple wants to revolutionize markets: PCs, MP3 players, now cell phones. What do you not like about your (current) LCD and plasma tvs? Do they suck? Having owned a Sony Bravia KDL-32V2000, I can tell you they don't suck at all. What could Apple improve here? There's even less room for improvement in BluRay players, as this one is restricted to opening/closing the tray and playing what's on a disc. I think this already works really well. I do agree Apple is going to be the next Sony of some sorts, but not by making commodity products like DVD players.
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    The iPhone is Great But What About The Rest?
  • Well, the "one more thing" usually were the big surprises, no? Don't expect a one more thing after the iPhone introduction. Instead, Mr Jobs would have had to talk about Leopard, some updated Macs, some updated iLife, and then "one more thing": the iPhone. But he did that so many times, I think it's good that he's apparently abandoned it. It's worn out.
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    The iPhone is Great But What About The Rest?
  • I think we have reached that point long ago. People mention that the iPod introduction was a revolution, but iPod refreshments are not. Fact is, people even yawned when the iPod was introduced! "What, an MP3 player?". Or the iMac with the sunflower design. It might have been a revolution, had not Time magazine published a picture of it one or more days before the event. I have one solution: don't read Mac rumor sites. Today, one site is again claiming that the iPhone will come out early 2007. You know what, just forget about that iPhone. If it comes out, fine. But don't tell us before each Apple event that now is the time for the iPhone; people will get disappointed with the actual show, and eventually the rumor site will be right as an Apple phone will probably arrive *someday*.
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    Apple Will Never Surprise Us Again