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  • Mar 24, 2007
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  • Thank you Chris.
  • Thanks Hadley. I know, but it's okay..I like Apple matters.
  • Even though Howard, Why didn't they come at proper reply posting times? Why are they spanned by hours although all the replies were already there. Second, What blogging software do you use? Third, On a shared Windows hosted platform (like the one I have) what blogging software can make me create custom polls? Thanks for the help. By the way I am a dedicated mac user (mac mini) but I need windows server hosting for the sake of asp apps I am developing. Sorry if my question is irrelevant to your post here.
  • I have had only two replies to my post above and yet I have received a dozen email notifications. Why is that happening Chris? Isn't that SPAMMING?
  • Just to be fair, I strongly suggest adding another table for the stuff you can do on a mac and can't do on Pcs. Example, all the stuff built in by default into the OS X or bundled by default with any machine you buy like Spotlight, widgets, Creating PDFs, Expose', Taking screen snapshots, Zooming to a section of your screen, iLife and the list is endless... To do any of the above on windows, you need to install or purchase 3rd party software which takes a lot of work and tweaking and money too. Also I would like you to say that using ctrl,alt,del on windows to quit applications never works (except 10% of cases). And that the force quit feature on Mac is unparalleled on windows and it's more than 90% effective so you don't have to stare at your desktop waiting for your machine to come back to life after that stupid app quits.