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  • Feb 16, 2007
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  • Unwanted? I'm harvesting a kidney as I type so I can sell it on eBay to pay for the thing. I'm totally that person who's always wanted a mobile phone to just be a phone, and I currently have the closest thing to that and don't even have a contract, I'm on VirginMobile pay as you go. So why am I selling my kidney? Because Apple, Incorporated has made a phone with all the extra baggage that I never wanted, but finally made one that appears to work in an intuitive and beautiful fashion. In one afternoon they converted me from someone who only has a mobile because of the perceived need for it in the 21st century, to one of those always connected people.
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    iPhone Reaction: Slick but Unwanted?
  • While I deplore this attempt to part me and my money, I don’t think a ‘tax’ on theft is something unique to the record industry. If you don’t think shoplifting costs are factored into every purchase from Walmart then your are certainly naive. Sure shoplifting costs are factored in to the price of consumer goods. But you don't pay a fee at Walmart for items that may be shoplifted from Kmart. This is what this Zune/Universal deal is in effect. One would be paying Microsoft for something someone may have stolen from Universal. If Universal needs to recoup costs from stolen product, they should increase the cost of their own product, not Microsoft's. The fact that the goods that may have been stolen from Universal may be transported and stored in the Microsoft product should be irrelevant. I don't pay an extra fee on a car which I may use to transport stolen goods out of Walmart or the home in which I may store said stolen goods.