5G iPod Gets More Compelling

by Chris Seibold Oct 15, 2005

So you want to record into your iPod but you’re bummed by the decidely poor quality of iPod recording? In the olden days (October 11th 2005 for example) you would’ve had to do the whole iPod runs linux deal to get decent audio quality recorded into the iPod. Well those days are long gone now you just need the $299 to buy a brand new iPod and a suitable microphone and such and you’re ready to go. That’s right Apple has removed the bit of programming or firmware or tiny little person living in your iPod that kept the files from being recorded at anything greater than “pretty awful” and bumped the spec all the way up to 44.1 KHz. So record away lucky new iPod owners, now you can record that podcast anywhere. Or, for you people who wish to do something actually useful, I suppose you could record your class lectures. Why not just pay attention the first time and save the HD space? Whatever.


  • Has anyone actually tried recording with the 5G yet?  I am curious to know, even with a good mic, how it sounds, and if it is a worthwhile replacement to a digital voice recorder.

    chinkyjew had this to say on Oct 16, 2005 Posts: 4
  • The 5G iPod has not even been reviewed. Therefore no one has been able to test recording. The iPod will probably need an expensive accessory to even record at all.

    shrimpdesign had this to say on Oct 17, 2005 Posts: 16
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