July 23, 1981: Steve Jobs Perfectionism Is Displayed on the Original Mac Project

by Chris Seibold Jul 23, 2011

Steve Jobs has a many enviable qualities. His attention to detail, his ability to grasp what people actually want, his management style and presentation skills are all things that many CEO's envy.

Anything, taken to the extreme, can yield less than desirable results. Steve's insistence that the Apple III ship without fans was one example where his vision clashed with the reality of thermodynamics. That scenario almost repeated itself with the original Mac. Upon seeing the mother board Steve deemed it ugly.

When designers pointed out that the only people who would actually see the board (the original Mac was purposely unexpandable) Steve shot back famously "I'll see it." The board was redesigned with aesthetics in mind, performed poorly and, perhaps learning from his previous errors, Steve relented. The Mac got a great motherboard despite Steve Jobs in July of 1981.


  • Perfectionism is a driving quality at Apple.

    Neil Anderson had this to say on Jul 24, 2007 Posts: 23
  • Perfectionism in form can clash with perfectionism in function.

    And has.

    Howard Brazee had this to say on Jul 23, 2010 Posts: 54
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