November 17, 1994: Apple Settles with Carl Sagan

by Chris Seibold Nov 17, 2010

Carl Sagan had a knack for presenting high-minded physics and astronomy to the masses. Well, masses may be too strong a word, but he was certainly one of the few who could explain technical topics in such a way that the generally interested could follow.

Engineers at Apple appreciated Sagan's skill and code named a computer after the famed astronomer. Though the name was internal to Apple, Dr. Sagan took offense and sued Apple for defamation of character. After all, there is nothing worse than a computer named after you behind the scenes.

Apple changed the code name to BHA then to LAW (acronyms for, respectively, Butt Head Astronomer and Lawyers Are Wimps). Sagan wasn't mollified and the suit went on until the two parties reached a settlement this week in 1994.


  • I love physics and astronomy shows, but Cosmos was suuuuch a boring show. I hate Carl Sagan.

    mynameisjesse had this to say on Nov 17, 2006 Posts: 12
  • c’mon everyone loves the perpetual, authoritarian, didactic

    Todd M Long had this to say on Nov 18, 2006 Posts: 19
  • Ridonculous!

    Babblefish had this to say on Nov 19, 2010 Posts: 7
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