November 2, 2004: Firefox Comes to the Mac

by Chris Seibold Nov 02, 2010

When OS X first debuted the browser of choice was Internet Explorer 5. Then Apple released Safari, a direct competitor to Internet Explorer.

Microsoft used the introduction of Safari as the reason the company stopped development of IE for the Mac, but the consensus was that Safari was developed precisely because Microsoft was planning on dumping IE for the Mac. In any event, Mac users were suddenly left with exactly one mainstream up-to-date browser.

That changed when the wildly popular, market-share-grabbing, open-source browser Firefox was released for the Mac this month in 2004.


  • I should have been clearer, it was the release of Firefox 1.0, the previous versions were available but they were “technology previews” not final releases.

    Chris Seibold had this to say on Nov 03, 2006 Posts: 354
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