November 3, 2003: No Need for Intel

by Chris Seibold Nov 03, 2010

At an investors’ conference Steve Jobs was queried about moving OS X to Intel. While he admitted such a thing was possible, he was dismissive of the notion, to wit:

"Right now we don't see a compelling need to switch processor families. We have all the options in the world, but the PowerPC road map looks very strong."

In retrospect, the comment seems purposely ambiguous, but at the time it was seen by many to be the death knell to Intel rumors. The people who believed that OS X would never go Intel had a shining moment this week in 2003.


  • In my opinion, i don’t think Apple would switch to Intel soon unless the need really arises, which doesn’t seem likely. Considering the magnitude of manufacture of apple products, they should consider their own microprocessor development unit as an option to help save on cost in future.
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