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  • Mar 30, 2008
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  • Quicksilver is a great app. It gets a lot of great reviews from a whole bunch of sites. I've used it before, and I can attest that most all of those reviews, including this one, are right about the app. But I left Quicksilver and picked up Butler and have never looked back. I find QS too bulky. Butler seemed to me to be faster, more user-friendly, and more aesthetically pleasing. In the end of the day, both are good apps. I think Butler is better, but that's just my 2 cents. I don't know why nobody really writes reviews of it though.
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    An Introduction to Quicksilver
  • Check out Delibar. It has the bookmarks saved in the menu bar, and it auto updates, and also works with any browser because it isn't integrated into one single app.
  • my problem with the iPhone is it is tied to cingular... why do that? also, why didn't they go 3G with dual cameras, etc... Looks like i'm sticking to my beloved Nokia
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    What Do You Think of the iPhone?
  • i guess it's mostly a Windows problem. i haven't had any problems either, haven't lost a single song... only thing i think is missing: Lyrics downloader to go along with the album art finder... and i wish they would just put the album art into the song file so that it wouldn't take so long to load... of course, that might just be my RAM issues. IT7 works well on my 12" PB, and for me that's all that matters. not worth it not to update
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    Upgrading To iTunes 7:0? You Might Want To Wait
  • From left to right: Adium Audioscrobbler (Last.FM) Photo Desktop Keychain Airport Volume Date and Time Battery My Bluetooth also pops in once in a while at random locations on my menubar I do like to keep my menu bar relatively spare though
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    What's in Your Menubar?
  • I know what you mean. Macs are beautiful. Even the older ones, like the G4 desktop and G3 laptop lines are amazing. If I had to decide between the G5 and G4 iMacs based purely on aesthetics, I would possibly even go for the G4. And Macs are great on TV. I remember Chandler (Friends) having an old Powerbook, and Diane Keaton using an iMac in "Somethings Gotta Give."
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    Macs still make me drool