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  • I feel I must weigh in here, I too had a lot of 'out of the box' crashes just after I had installed Panther. Safari, itunes, Photoshop CS, Suitcase and a few others just unexpectedly quited on first launch. And all installed after Panther. Though a bit annoyed I just waved these glitches off as incidents, like one off occurrence's. The really strange thing is that these crashes where exactly what they where, one offs. So is there something else going on? My mac (G4 350 apg) seems to be working fine now. In fact the old dog hasn't worked this well since I got it!
    Egor Kloos had this to say on Feb 13, 2004 Posts: 8
    Apple, Stop the Crashes Out of The Box
  • The idea my not be so far fetched as many might think. On the Apple side Safari is going to need to be able to replace IE5 for Mac because Microsoft might never offer a successor. Many still need to use this aging browser to access some websites that are critical to them due to it using proprietary markup. Dave Hyatt is now implementing the marquee tag in Safari. And I bet they done way more than just add the marquee tag. The only real reason for doing this that I can think of is to be able to offer a usable replacement for IE on the apple platform. And I think they will need to continue to do that if MS never offers a new browser on the Apple platform. So having a windows version of Safari my not make any commercial or marketing sense but it just might help Safari become an effective replacement browser for Mac users.
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    Safari For Windows
  • Man this is a great gadget. Now all it needs is a shift button to circumvent CD copy protection and were in business. ;)
    Egor Kloos had this to say on Oct 11, 2003 Posts: 8
    Review: Primera's Bravo Disc Publisher
  • Well, I'm looking to buy a 15" powerbook with Panther installed. A G5 and a Virtual PC combo for web development won't work. Bummer. Although the new powerbook's seem to lack the L3 cache that VPC thrive on. Haven't heard if there is a serious speed drop though. There are still alternative emulators like Openosx's WinTel that do work on the G5, but WinTel seems to have some speed issues. Time will tell, so I'll wait until Panther is out. The timing does suck. It would have been beter if Panther had come out first. Releasing both however sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. But Apple couldn't hold the off the hardware launch, they needed to released the G5 to boost sales figures for the last quarter. Waiting a few more months would have ruined a great opportunity to round the year off with a healthy balance sheet. Bad news (weak year reports) just doesn't sell well to shareholders. Oh thanx for the heads up on surge protectors, I've always meant to get a proper one. I'd better get a good one quick. Power problems seem to be hitting Europe also.
    Egor Kloos had this to say on Sep 23, 2003 Posts: 8
    Poor Timing: G5 and Panther
  • It's not a bad idea and could be part of a settlement. But I don't think that Apple corps it out to get Apple computer just for the cash. I bet Apple corps took their time in making their final decision to sue. In the end it's about protecting your Brand, protecting your identity. I admit that Apple corps may have no interest in having their name in the media. They don't really benefit from any publicity, good or bad. Apple corps function is to oversee and to protect their stakeholders assets and should in turn protect their itself to shield their stakeholders. A brand itself is an asset and any company is duty bound to protect their assets. A cash settlement is pointless if their is no safeguard to protect what's left of their brand. But this still raises the question. What's Apples next move? A concession will have to be made.
    Egor Kloos had this to say on Sep 17, 2003 Posts: 8
    Apple Should Pay Apple Corp the iTunes Way
  • @ xopher Well, I think I made my point on AIM outside america... nobody uses it. Just like features in Sherlock, and more recently, iTunes. All the chosen features are based on Apples home market, and there is nothing wrong with that. Except for the fact that this does lock out many, many users world wide. Remember, users select the IM their friends, familiy or workmates are using. So no AIM based IM for me. @ Waa, However... I hold my hand up in guilt in overlooking Adium. This is one little beauty. Really well made and great design, it's simplicity belies it quality. Thanx for the heads up, this is a serious option for AIM users. In fact as a communication tool in the workplace this might be first choice because like you saidIt doesn't get in the way. It's quick and it's easy on the CPU, which can't be said of some IM Clients.
    Egor Kloos had this to say on Aug 06, 2003 Posts: 8
    iChat alternatives for chatting in OS X
  • Interesting remark on how it feels. Look but don't touch. Apple computers do seem to look like they want to be touched. I always see people touching a powerbook that not theirs, they just can't resist. The G5 is obviously no different. BTW the number one question PC users ask me is... are you going to get the G5? I smile and say, " I just might".
    Egor Kloos had this to say on Jul 16, 2003 Posts: 8
    Exclusive Quicktime Footage of the G5
  • Personally I think a lot of "pro's" will like the understated design. I remember designers hiding their blue G3 under the desk. At first glans it does look a bit stark, not much to it. But as has been suggested elsewhere this G5 enclosure has been engineered to allow for ventilation and will need to be cooled down when they start putting four 2mHz processors or even four 3mHz into it. Then it will need the extra fans and airflow to cool the sucker off. Having only seen pictures I can't really tell how well this simple looking design works. And I'll bet future versions will have a chrome speaker of some kind on the front. They'll need to milk this design for a few years to come. All in all, I like the design and I'll bet a few bucks on it looking even better in real life. It has lost it's "let's give it name" factor but in turn it does look like it could kick the hell out of anything else on the market. I'd buy one.
    Egor Kloos had this to say on Jun 24, 2003 Posts: 8
    The New G5: Speed Is Good, Ugly Is Bad