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  • Feb 01, 2011
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  • The G4 iMac may look cooler at first, but it's definetly not as good an overall design as the iMac G5 (well, I have the Core Duo, but it's the same hardware design).
    JJJJJ had this to say on May 09, 2006 Posts: 7
    Is Apple Getting Complacent?
  • "There are numerous sites that will host your podcast for free and, of course, Apple/iTunes is one of them." That's not true. From the iTunes Podcasting FAQ you link to: "Does iTunes support the serving of podcasts? No. The iTunes Music Store podcast directory will only contain references to the RSS feeds available on a podcaster’s website. A podcaster must be running web-server software in order to host their podcast. When a user subscribes to a podcast through the iTunes Music Store, iTunes accesses the podcaster’s RSS feed and downloads the enclosed audio files directly from the podcaster’s website."
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    Podcasting 101
  • But is Apple's Second Camput Really Necessary? I'm still not sure...
    JJJJJ had this to say on Apr 21, 2006 Posts: 7
    Is Apple's Second Campus Really Necessary?
  • What seems more likely to me is something closer to the positive scenario, but not all the way. I see Apple in a better position than they are in today, but not the #1 PC manufacturer or anything. Also, no Mac clones. No way.
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    What will Apple look like by 2010?
  • If the government couldn't split up Microsoft, there's no way they're going to be able to split up Apple. Also: "What [Apple] really sell is an experience. They package up the whole deal and from start to finish they are there, and they make sure everything goes smoothly." So then, doesn't it make sense to have one company doing all the work, so that the pieces can fit together as smoothly as possible? Two companies are never going to be able to make as integrated an experience as one company. Even look at PalmOne and Palm, or whatever they're called now.
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    Apple to Split into Apple Computer & Apple Electronics
  • Why though...
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    Will We Ever Pay For Security?
  • At the end of Michael Desmond's article: "Vista may not be perfect (but what piece of software is?)" Answer: OS X! Well, not quite...
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    Year Of The Mac?