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  • Mar 30, 2007
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  • xw, this same thing happened to my friend's macbook. He inserted a DVD with a paper label and when he tried to eject it came out just enough so you can see the edge, but couldn't get a grip on the disc. There are times like these that I appreciate those clunky disc trays that pop out of most laptops. Sometimes I wish apple would just forego with this particular stylish doodad and just get a nice tray loading drive with a good door to just run flush and conceal the assembly.
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    AAM: DVD Stuck in Drive!
  • @Beaver, Thing is, Apple can't just start offering their own proprietary lossless encoding, since that would only bolster the complaints of the "open-iTunes" coalition. Despite what anyone here or anywhere thinks, they're going to have to cling to the industry standard, which may mean lower quality compared to our precious uncompressed goodies. As for the price, I'm very sure this is the result of a compromise for the lack of digital shackles. The prices of albums staying the same, however, is a very very sweet deal, despite seeming trivial to others. Slightly better encoding with no restrictions and same price? Well golly I's a iTunes-buyin' mofo.
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    Apple To Sell DRM Music? Say It Ain't So!
  • There is no *easy* way to use Windows restore functions that completely restore lost files, and they were fairly inconsistent or just didn't work at all. Older versions of Windows (up to XP) didn't have any *real* way for you to have a full backup of your entire system which could be used to restore your main drive if ever it broke. Time Machine itself is not being touted as something they invented, but rather something with the easiest interface for what it is, and is easily accessed through the dock. I'll bet the average user will be more inclined to backing up data more often with this over windows restore, which sucks. Period.
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    Just Call Me Jobs. Steve Jobs.
  • And beyond the knowledge of everyone watching Jobs in that Keynote. The macmini in his hand is actually running without cables, without a battery, all on the power of his thoughts.
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    Just Call Me Jobs. Steve Jobs.
  • "What’s funny to me is how much the Mac-bots whine and whine about how much you’ll have to upgrade your hardware to run Vista properly." Thou protesteth too much. =/ I don't suppose I'll need to upgrade much at all since I already have 2GB of RAM on my laptop and a 500GB external FW drive handy. I may purchase Vista Basic just cuz it's replacing XP altogether and I want my mac to be cross platform so I can use whatever software I want. Plus, it looks purdy =D
  • Anyone else seeing a Team America: World Police scene with Jobs and the exec of Cisco? "OK, you can have the name, but first you must prove yourself to me"
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    Cisco and Apple Reach a Deal
  • Here's a top secret feature. Every 10 minutes a 3D Steve Jobs walks into your desktop while you're working and says "You do great work, and I'll be your best friend"
  • I'm still wondering why Apple doesn't design the iPod the way they designed the apple remote. The battery tray pops out when you press the little button on the bottom. This can be made in such a way so that it's not done by accident, and provide an easy method of battery replacement for the user. If designed right, Apple can retain it's clean sheet design and have a proper solution for the user. The Apple Remote battery tray could be it.
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    iPod shuffle: Is it Worth Betting On?
  • I don't mind a later-than-June release of Leopard. To tell you the truth, OS releases are not that big a deal unless they offer features that end up being the mac-daddy of all software implementations. But given the long evolutionary cycle of Windows, OS X and Linux, it's become clear that wowing people is not really a proper goal anymore. I wasn't wowed by any of the Leopard features shown in the Keynote, but I was happy to see Time Machine and what it does. It's not something I'd salivate over, but see benefits in it and would gladly pay $129 for this upgrade. All of this whiz-bang stuff is great for sales, but when it comes time to actually live with it, all of that stuff goes out the window and it must be usable above all other things. So far Tiger is both elegant and very usable to me. Leopard must provide more in the way of usability than the pretty colors and window effects. This is the problem I have with Vista. Much of the UI is resource sucking nonsense with a few improvements here and there over XP. Althought it would seem boring, I'd rather just have XP with a slightly revised theme and the search function. This is pretty small by comparison, but would make all the difference in the world for me.
  • I'll bet that regular uses that don't constantly exploit the iPod portion of the phone will not complain about the battery life. I myself have never spoken on a cell phone for five hours, and given the horrendous plans and penalties services bring down upon you, I'd never even THINK of doing such a thing. If one is travelling, you'd think this person would have the sense not to kill their communication device's battery by playing with secondary functions.
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    Meizu M8 vs. Apple iPhone