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  • Congratulations to the winners!: tmarx, icecuber, smogrady, graal emteec
  • Devilbond, I never said that Apple apologized for the antenna. However, Apple did not 'vehemently' deny that the antenna was the problem. The company said, "Upon investigation, we were stunned to find that the formula we use to calculate how many bars of signal strength to display is totally wrong. Our formula, in many instances, mistakenly displays 2 more bars than it should for a given signal strength.” Consumer Reports also picked up on the Antenna problem despite Apple's attempt to sidestep the issue. You make one valid point— I effectively compared apples to oranges by suggesting Apple's profits for one month related to the projected yearly income of HTC. As you deduced, I ain't no economics major. And I appreciate the correction. Still, if you project both numbers over a year, HTC still comes out ahead. And in light of all the bad press over the iPhone 4, it will surprise this 'author' tremendously if HTC doesn't leave Apple in the dust. Not that that's an outcome I'd welcome. I can understand your ire over the math in this article, and over the trouncing that Apple has been getting in the press. However, since you began and ended your comments with a dig at my intelligence, I'd like to point out that you may know your numbers but you could use a spelling and grammar lesson! Not to mention a crash course in manners.
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    Androids vs. iPhones the Battle Goes On
  • RayCon, I second that! I'd like to stop the Spam too! I go through and delete it as often as possible, but never often enough.
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    Last Year's Model: Fine for the Rest of Us
  • Problem is fixed, for now. Sorry guys, hopefully, we can get to the bottom of why this keeps happening.
  • Hey, don't all speak at once. :) Beeblebrox, I think you're right on! Does anyone else have an opinion? I could offer you an Apple Tablet instead of a Speck case, but these are tough times, and our comp Tablet was stolen by the Apple Matters unicorn.
  • Hi Aaron, Yes, that's Beeblebrox with his new daughter!
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    Apple Matters' Reader Profile: Beeblebrox
  • Good catch, got rid of the extra T.
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    Virtualization: Running Any OS Within OS X
  • Universal corrections made to the article. Thanks for the feedback.
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    10 Essential Mac Apps
  • Ok, point taken. I appreciate the feedback from all of you about the facts of the Pixar-Disney merger, and will be more careful in the future not to sink into fantasy, but it sure is fun. ;) How about Disney and Apple tie the knot? Hows that for a headline. However, this is not an Apple tabloid, and I'll watch my yellow-press tendencies. Thanks again to each of you for setting me straight!
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    Pixar-Disney Merger Casts An Uncertain Spell
  • Mr. Pruss, Apple-held was perhaps too much hyperbole, but speaking of editors, you should find one that knows the importance of spell check. Upon going to your site, the first thing I saw was that you misspelled recognized, and there are other examples. So check yourself before you babble about fact checking with such misplaced lather. Meiera
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    Pixar-Disney Merger Casts An Uncertain Spell
  • Of course Apple is still Apple and Disney is still Disney, and I do understand "the business structure of the merger." I appologize if my prose was misleading. I find it disturbing that Pixar and Disney must become the same company for both to flourish, and my point in the article is that the merger signifies that such a move on the part of Steve Jobs could be good or bad for Apple in the future, as well as for Pixar. We shall see.
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    Pixar-Disney Merger Casts An Uncertain Spell
  • The CEO of Apple and Pixar was Steve Jobs. Now the CEO of Disney, Robert Iger, is the CEO of Pixar and Disney, relegating Jobs to a boardmember position. The implication that there is a direct relationship with Apple IS more than mildly disturbing, but it is not factually deficient. Jobs has sold part of his fifedom to Disney, and in the big fish sea of Corporate America, giving a shark a taste of blood is never a good idea. :)
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    Pixar-Disney Merger Casts An Uncertain Spell