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  • Dec 23, 2006
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  • I have just read the review and let me say that found a little bit inconvenience to my thoughts. First, the person that wrote this review should get out of his office, home and town more often. I am not from the US, and the reason why I think that this person should move outside, is that I already own a video iPod and I only used it for two or three months. The reason, I cannot buy songs from iTunes, because Apple only thinks that America is only from U.S. to Alaska, they do not care about the potential market from the south of US border. I do not have an american CC, I have AMEX, VISA and MC but cannot buy songs from iTunes. However, I just bought a Zune and I can go to any game dealer and buy a card with MS points, then download my music from my home, and my country, I do not have to go to the US to install music or video, I can do it directly from my country. I am not saying that iPod is not a great system, it is the first system and number one gadget in two years and will take years to any other system to reach the numbers Apple sold, but they should start thinking outside the border, besides, credit cards like AMEX, VISA or MC are international or not ? what MS did, they opened my options to buy music.
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    Zune Marketplace's Absurd Pricing Scheme