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  • Aug 04, 2007
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  • Baysider, good point! Why there are so many configurations of all that products in Dell, Sony etc. ?! I think that Apple is successful because they are the best in marketing and sales. They know how to design products and they think about their clients. Others just produce PCs. Most of the computers are ugly. Why can't I have both - nice looking and nice working machine. I spent hours in front of my computer, I want it to look nice. The same like my car's interior. And one more thing! I have already found out why MacBook power cords are such a great idea. Why Apple is always first with such obvious things!? One thing I like about Dell - they have started to listen to what users say. For example, you can buy a Dell computer with Win XP. They give me a choice! I am honoured. I just can't figure out why things that are obvious to me does not sound the same for non-Apple world. Can anybody explain me that?
  • The question is, do we really need more functions in our systems? Can we use the current one in 80%? With every release of MS Office there is a new functionality but does it change the way we use it? Probably a bit. Why don't we focus on maximising the great potential that is out there instead of waiting for new bells and whistles? We all like it - read tech news every days waiting for something cool and exciting but is there a point?
  • Chris, I like your article and have just registered because I thought it is worth a comment. You scratch the surface with some of the issues above but I won't use words like diaboljota: "What a horrible and stupid article.". Constructive criticism, ha? AppleStores Good you mention that. I am currently considering a purchase - PC or Mac (I am PC owner). I am visiting different stores in the UK from Comet, Currys to Apple. I have just sent my complaints to the first two moaning about poor customer service - horrible way of presenting products (turned off computers, monitors, systems you can’t log in to etc.) and staff that can't be bothered to serve or convince you to buy anything. I am not even talking about any valuable advices. Now I go to the Apple Store - nice and bright, I can experience any type of the machine that is there, I can have one-to-one session working on a specific area. Small selection of products and a bit of retro marketing - 'hello Sir, have a look at this iMac, look in the camera, shot!, your face is on the screen! Cool, ha? ' What Apple did is maximised the opportunities of retail. And I agree with other comments - people don't want to wait for products. They want to have it now. That is why I don't buy many things on the Internet - I want to have it now! Product management We all know what marketing is, right? Not at all! Apple know - simplicity! Customers don't know what they want. Customers don't buy products - they buy solutions to their problems. I am web developer and I want a computer that will be suitable for me that I will work on for another 3-4 years. So I want to compare Apple offer with some PC one. I am looking for a computer that will have a nice design and will be powerful. I am going to SONY website to see the laptops and what!? Instead of solving my problems they give me a headache - how can I find out which of these 30-40 models is suitable for me? Sometimes there is just a difference of one little detail between models. Even comparing them is so difficult. Apple did it simple! Want a laptop, right? Small, portable, powerful enough for a casual user - take a MacBook. Want a nice machine? - buy MBP. Simple! Why other people can't understand that? iMac Why in the XXI century I can't buy a nice all-in-one-non-Apple machine? Why do I need to buy a noisy tower? Apple realised that all-in-one is just comfortable (cables are killing me), easy to carry and it is just the way it should be. Why do you need big monitor, tower, cables etc. to access an Internet? And the last thing – USB and firewire usage – they do it great before anybody else thinks about it.