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  • Feb 05, 2007
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  • My guess is February 15th.
    thetnt had this to say on Jan 16, 2007 Posts: 8
    When Is The Real MacWorld?
  • Yea, it is not a product for everyone... and I would like to have one, but GSM haven`t being implemented in Japan. Good bye iPhone!
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    What Do You Think of the iPhone?
  • I forgot to mention that my current phone does all of the above, except for video conference (it can beam also) also has GPS Navigator, You can watch TV and listen Radio and it is the size of less than two nanos.
    thetnt had this to say on Nov 16, 2006 Posts: 8
    Hello? Is That the iPhone?
  • I live in Japan, and if apple would take SoftBank as its carrier, than the "iPhone" it will not be for me. Because the signal does not reach inside my shop. I see it as a drawback, even if Apple goes for AU (my carrier) there are other peopple who likes Docomo or Wilcom. Anyway, I would not use a phone to play music (all the phones I used since 2000 they play mp3s) I have lisyen to music in my mobile about 3 times... and I am not alone on this. What would be nice, is a iChat enabled iPod. So, if Apple makes an iPod that has a camera and has a mic., there would not be need for carriers, and since it is not a phone that your business depend on, you would use it when you are within a WAN. That could even reduce cost of mobile usage... I would buy one for each of my staff. That would be a pretty cool device that can: Play Music Play Video Take Pictures Record Audio Play games Video conference Calendar Agenda Wireless messages and since it has iChat, you can "beam" (not only a 3x3 song but) important documents Now, that would be an iPhone that everybody would want.
    thetnt had this to say on Nov 16, 2006 Posts: 8
    Hello? Is That the iPhone?
  • I was in a chat and somebody send me a message, and this is what happened: He: What computer you use? Me: A Mac. Why? He: I have a Problem, can you help me? Me: I don`t know. What is your problem? He: How can you make a folder invisible? Me: I use an utility that does it for me. He: Wrong! Rename it with a dot at the beginning! Me: I thought you say you had troubles... He: I just wanted to know how much you know. Me: Well, now you know, Have a nice day. He: Are you certified? Me: No He: You should Me: I can do as much as I need. Are you certified? He: No. but I will. And I recommend you to do the same. Me: I would Like to but, it would be very expensive for me, and it will not be a good investing. He: It is not very expensive. Me: I live in Japan and for me to take full advantage of the training I would have to go to an English or Spanish speaking country. That will cost me lots of money and time. He: But you can Make lots of money out of it. Me: Perhaps but there are not so many mac users out there, it would be better to get certified on windows... you would get more customers. He: What?! Are you stupid? Me: I would be stupid to invest in something that is not profitable. He: You don`t deserve to use a Mac, You are REALLY STUPID! Than he logged out. Now, what do you think of that?
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    Apple Zealots: Fact or Fiction?
  • I use to work in montgomery ward... like 12 years ago, and most of the sales people get commission per sale. at that time you wold get around 100 to 80 buck per PC and 40 to 30 out of a Mac sale. Do the math and tell me what you are gonna sell. I don`t know how thy work on best buy but if this is the case... well you know what will happen.
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    Best Buy and Apple: Friend or Foe?
  • I was disappointed by think secret but not by Apple. Rumors of an iPhone, widescreen iPod, movies at iTMS, a tablet Mac, and the digital hub. Well, we got the iTV, the movies and updated iPods (including a cool shuffle.) I think it was plenty for a press session. If you want a wide screen device, that can play music, video, surf the net and even plays games and that cost the same that an iPod? Get a PSP! Or just wait for the next big thing.
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    Apple Will Never Surprise Us Again
  • How about a computer made on some kind of rubber (silicon or latex?) water and impact resistant that can be roll it up. I think that there is enough tech to make this happen... and I already have a name for it "rollMac"
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    Has the Mac Hit Raskin's Ideal?