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  • May 18, 2006
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  • This article wouldn't cause me to hesitate from buying another iPod in the slightest. It's a great technology with an elegant design. Like all other devices, it's not perfect...but a lot of its immense popularity and success have made it a nice big target for naysayers, the jealous, and the legally opportunistic. For example, the iPod volume control litigation and media chatterings are just ridiculous. I can do more damage through numerous other audio devices and practices...should manufacturers financially reward the stupidest of their customers with settlements? Regarding being "on your own", I've had to return one for repair, after the 90-day warranty. "No problem, here's a new one," said the friendly Apple Store employee. The iPod/iTMS/iTunes combination, in its current form, has obviously worked for many millions of consumers, who seem to enjoy it, flaws, proprietary formats and all. Those who complain about it should try something else and STFU. :)
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    If Your iPod Could Talk, The 10 Things It Wouldn't Say
  • Then you'll be "duly impressed." Unless you've got a dual processor on your mind...
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    Apple: Green to Its Core
  • So much love on this board. So much love.
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    Upgrading, Why It Hurts To Be A Mac User
  • Ditto here. Got a black 60Gb to replace my Mini. RAWKS. If you want to watch other movies/MPEGs on it, you need to export them out of QuickTime, which is a pain, but it's just so damned sleek and cool and amazing...
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    Thinking about a 5G iPod
  • And what about CP/M and MP/M? (I was once a programmer on these...seriously old-skoo')
    Weave had this to say on Dec 05, 2005 Posts: 5
    How Many Operating Systems Can You Name?