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  • Actually, you are completely wrong about Apples lack of innovation. Read up on the facts then pull or revise your article. Apple has completely changed the motherboard in these new models. The throughput on these systems will be better than any equivalently priced PC on the market. Apple has discarded the old motherboard architecture and inserted the Xserve architecture. This is a brilliant move on their part. It will buy them a lot of time so they can continue PowerPC 970 development. The new cinema display is not just an incremental update either. Its higher res and has better contrast and puxel refresh rates. Sure, so you just see the numbers go up a little bit with each product refresh...but the engineering to design and manufacture that "incremental" change is measured in the thousands of man years. The new architecture: [url=][/url] The Xserve: [url=][/url]
    AltiVec had this to say on Jan 28, 2003 Posts: 1
    The New PowerMacs: Cheaper, but Not Better