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  • Sep 08, 2006
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  • Whoah - hold on, re Time Machine: I don’ see TM being a threat to real backup systems which provide for offsite storage of backups. From the documentation I read Time Machine can be pointed at any mountable device - which includes file servers. I fully expect Leapard Server edition to include Time Machine services out of the box, so that every users machine is 100% backed up and versioned on an XServe SAN solution. This integration (full life time versioning of every file coupled with enterprise wide backup management) is way ahead of most other options (incremental backups periodically rolled into an system snapshot anyone?). Archive to removable media? I think the author is missing the point (and living in the wrong century). Time Machine users will typically have 50-100GB of archive data EACH - what sort of removable media did you have in mind? No it will be on a Terabyte SAN and nightly synced offsite. The BIG BIG question that has not been answered for me as a developer: does time machine copy the entire file every time it has changed or just the differences (like a Code Versioning System such as Subversion). Possible clue - Subversion is included with Leopard. This makes a huge difference to the size of the archive, since cumulative diffs dont add up to much, but a new file copy every time the file changes quickly grow out of control. Want a nightmare scenario? 100,000 users have purchased Parallels which puts a 10Gb virtual Hard disk file in your system. If you use Parallels every day that file changes every day. Imagine that Time Machine has to archive a new 10Gb file each night... rgds Ewan
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