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  • the design is a matter of taste - if one likes the engineering behind it - he will say its grand - but if its just the outside looks - one might say it is not trés chic at all.... I doubt that Apple can sue anybody for copying their design now - as they did with the original iMac-copycats back then and the iPod-copycats now... it looks to much like a box again - personally I like the looks of them Powerbooks a whole lot better... but in the computer world speed is everything - looks is only secondary Cray has some computers that look like they have some horsepower - they look like a locomotive.... [url=][/url] to the left - notice the red top with holes in them =-)) thanx stefan j. huelf
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    The New G5: Speed Is Good, Ugly Is Bad
  • Column view is very nice... I´ve been using it since 1990 w/ my first NeXT cube.. .and the main reason for it being very handy is that you see into the files like a pedigree and scroll back to the left to get an very fast and efficent overview where you are at. now if you want to copy a file from the desktop to a folder in column view it starts misbehaving and Apple would do good to rework the sliders. they need to be reposition to the left of the column they effect, cos you work from left to right in the western hemisphere... or make it adjustable for the chinese and other countries who things different like we do... Apple thought about right and left-handers w/ the 2 USB ports on their PB 17" ... so they could do that as well.... Panthers column view on the other hand is a step back... I pray, believe and hope that one can omit the "WindowsXP"-style side panel with the shortscuts on the left, whatever the name is for that thingy... thanx & shalom stefan j.
  • when I look at Windows XP I feel like the powerusers are being treated as toddlers in a playpen. the same came to my mind when I saw the new finder in Panther. pls. OS-designers out there, don´t treat the experienced one like novices leaving them frustrated even though there are now more buttons and colors to play w/ than ever before but leaving the user more and more powerless and not of age... and if you Apple engineers do read this site and the user comments, pls. keep on reading.... there is one special feature that always frustated me as an early adopter of MacOS X and that was the behavior of the savepanel .... I am a 10-year long user of NeXT and NEXTstep and was able to click on the filenames of other files w/in the savepanel which are named similar to the name I wanted to use for the just about to be saved file.... but every file in MacOS X save-panel is grayed out to protect the computer novice to loose somthing ... that frustrtated me so that I stayed w/ 9 for a long time, and just recently switched to 10 on my 1 Ghz Powerbook... (which is still able to boot into 9..... the only thing missing for me to abandon 9 completely is the a german speech package for IBMs ViaVoice 3.x for MacOS X.... thanx stefan j.
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    What Panther Has Fixed