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  • Jun 21, 2005
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  • Use Spotlights "Kind" keyword list (from Apple's Spotlight tips page at http://www.apple.com/macosx/tips/spotlight.html ). To find mail.app quickly, you would type: kind:app mail
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    Looking Forward to 10.4.1
  • I generally have had a good experience in the Apple stores in Washington state. However a couple of times I was wondering if I had wandered into Best Buy by mistake. Once I was buying 2 airport cards. They only had one on the shelf so the salesperson had to go in the back to look. Many minutes went by when I saw that he was helping another (girl) customer. In other words, he was turned by a pretty face and I was left standing like an idiot waiting. Another salesman saw this, apologized, and got me the other card. This was no real big deal (I know all about hormones). But the next time it was worse. I was looking around the store, checking out the 20 in iMac, when a man and his wife asked me some questions about it. He was wanting to do some video work and was asking for some recommendations as to what computer to get. I was giving him my 'semi-educated' opinions and was steering him towards a 2ghz G5. A saleswoman finally came by (it was not busy, and there were several sales people standing around) and I passed the customer over, but stood by to see what they were going to do. The guy was interested in the G5, but really wanted to see a demonstration of how to burn a DVD. He asked the saleswoman if the G5 would do this and she, of course, said yes. He then asked if she could show him, and she said that she couldn't. This disturbed the man very much (he turned to me and said, "See, that's what I'm talking about, nobody will ever show you how to do it" and eventually left. I did tell him that the whole idea behind the Apple stores is to let people come in and USE the equipment. I tried to get him to find another more willing and knowledgable salesperson, but his wife was running out of patience, so they left. I have no idea if they ever returned. So basically, if I would have just kept talking to the guy, there was a good chance I could have 'sold' him a computer. But since I didn't work there, the deal fell through. Best part about the whole thing...I had applied for Manager and Sales positions in both Washington stores, and didn't even get a call.