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  • Sep 07, 2007
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  • Here is what I Think MACS New big thing is gonna be: .A Ipod Vid with the featuers of an ipod touch .an mac with intel core duo (or watever the fastsest prosesor is now) but with the flexibility of an imac G4 Dome . An Iphone with the feature of mail ical and game compatibiity .a mac souped up for hardcore gaming with all the comfot features like gooshy grip pads on the mouse and the side buttons do things like shoot and pickup and drop stuff .leapord including an upgrade of ilife 08 and imovie upgraded to have the feature of transferring movies onto bluray .bluray disc readers .a mac with dual disc trays so you can use one but have the other in blending in with the mac so you cant see it . a program that instead of transferring data from one disc, putting it on the computer, then putting it on a nother disc, it transferris it dirctly from one dic 2 the other .a tv . a ipod with a flashlight an ipod kind of like a swiss army knife but an ipod in it . a ilife program called iweather which chechs the weather (oviously) the iweatherprogram on ipods
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    Predict The Next Big Thing And Win An iPod Nano