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  • May 24, 2006
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  • @Tplants You were mentining mac and pc prejudice, and yep to a great degree i agree absoutely. You definately arent a zealot for mentioning this. However you said that you feel a lot of Authority IT types are possible holding Macs back. I believe the real reason for this is more to do with network architecture. Microsoft has done a huge amount of work to let PC's form some amazing networks easily and securely. Linux is famous for networking, and as it's free and multi platform and open source, it just works wonders in this sector. Then theres that operating cost...companies writing / buying software for their chosen platform. But... where are the mac super computers? Servers... and workstations... Now i'm no "know it all" but i know theyre either few or non-existant. But that brings us back to the very roots of Macintosh. "Computers for regular people". In the old days the IT thing was big blue IBM, what Apple was against. Apples never really been a server company. Thats IBM Dell and Sun. Even desktop PC's dont touch a lot of what the IT sector is. Theres a lot of companies running some beastly mainframes.
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    Are Macs an Acquired Taste?
  • -You Got It All Wrong- You are confusing Microsofts "Vista Capable" specs for manufacturers with minimum system requirements. You're saying vista will take tens of gigabytes to install. Hah it will arrive on one DVD it will only be moderately bigger then a WinXP install. There's not a lot more that they've added. They are arbitrarily setting minimum hardware for manufacturers, to label their machines as "Vista Capable" or "Premium". To ensure a minimum level of performance quality. When they say you need 1 GB of ram, what that means is you should have that much to run Vista AND Photoshop(or other apps) comfortably. Only a fool would think that Vista's actually supposed to be using all that memory itself. They want people to have a better experience using windows so they are trying to encourage people to get better hardware. The thing is if your going to game or use windows, you buy a PC. Nobody wants to pay 2-3 times as much for the equivilant Apple hardware. If you're someone that only does what Apple currently provides, like use an IPOD, websurf, and edit video, etc. Then you can reasonably get by with a mac. Im no Windows fanboy, Im actually waiting for Linux XGL to come full circle. The new 3D Linux desktops blow both mac and vista out of the water.