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  • Oct 04, 2007
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  • I was a PC fan since I was a small kid. I new little about macs before I started working for a company that almost only uses Mac. Nobody is forced to use a Mac there, there are some Linux and even some Windows guys, but in the end, 90% of all employees end up on a Mac, because working on a Mac means actually working. Not dealing with security issues, bugs, problems, driver conflicts, blue screens, crashes, etc. Now I'm not interested in PCs any more. If anything, I might get a Linux machine one day, but never a Windows machine again. Many things you said are so darn true. The price is high, the ads are very provoking and so on. However, there is one thing I must comment about: Apple is on their way to release Leopard (10.5). Now please tell me, which features has Vista, that Leopard has not? Actually most of the Windows feature exists in OS X since Panther (10.3), like the fancy 3D Stuff (Expose is much better than what Vista offers). The latest Leopard Build runs fine on an old 900 MHz PPC IMac. The speed is not much worse than the last version's speed, with all UI features enabled. Now try the same with Vista. Install Vista onto a 4 year old machine and try to use all the new cool UI features -> BRRRR... won't work. No Aero support. Compare speed? Noticeably slower.
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