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  • May 24, 2006
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  • I converted in April of 2005. I'm a network administrator and work on Windows servers/PC's all day. I couldnt stand coming home and having to troubleshoot my own Windows PC's anytime I wanted to get something done. So I decided to try a Mac, and I spend more time actually getting work done than I do troubleshooting. In fact, I havent had to do any troubleshooting at all on my Mac since I've had it!!! And since then, I've converted 3 people to Mac's and that was even before the Intel chips! They are all loving the Mac experience, as am I. I'm currently converting my 4th soon to be Mac user. They are actually ordering their new Imac this week. Everyone I converted all say the same thing "It's so easy, everything just does what its supposed to do." And that's exactly what a computer should do. Joe
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    Is Windows On a Mac Really Drawing in New Users?