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  • Feb 26, 2006
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  • I've gotta' quit reading these damn Mac sites. Tech heads -- Mac enthusiasts in particular (and I am both) -- are the most negative, egocentric, whiney people on the net. Seriously. Everyone seemed to agree that the Power Mac line was due/overdue for an update. And they'e already said that it will be AT LEAST a year before it switched the line to Intel chips. What are they supposed to do? Ignore the line? Let it waste away and encourage people to look into Wintel machines? If you want to wait for the Intel Power Macs, by all means do. But please, please, please stop whining about how the sky is falling.
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    Don't Buy A Quad G5
  • I agree with Lessard. It was the launch of an innovative new professional app. It was held at a photo convention for God's sake. This won't be written up in Time or anything. It didn't make the front page of or because it shouldn't. But it does need to make the cover of American Photographer and Shutterbug (or whatever pros read!). That's why they held a press event. The only way it gets overhyped is if you are geek like me who reads all the tech sites. And the hardware was introduced here for two reasons: 1) Did you see the requirement specs for Aperture? The software is tied into these updates. And 2) Why not introduce pro machines at a pro event. You want them reviewed in the photo mags, too. As for Apple/PowerBook market share climbing, it will continue to climb. Again, the general public doesn't even know that Apple is planning to switch chip suppliers. They wouldn't care much if it happened today, they certainly don't give a crap that it is happening next year. So my opinion is that switchers continue to buy PowerBooks now and increase market share, and geeks and power users wait to refresh until the changeover and sales boom... somewhat. Mac geeks and power users are still a small base. That's my 3¢.
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    Mac Laptop Market Share Poised to Spike?