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  • YES! I totally forgot their name. Was trying to think of it when I was writing the article. Great place.
    C.K. Sample III had this to say on May 18, 2005 Posts: 41
    Apple Everywhere
  • I'd agree with you except that Apple seems to be marketing it as an app launcher too. For example, if you look at their Spotlight Tips page there is an entire section about the keyword app functionality.
    C.K. Sample III had this to say on May 04, 2005 Posts: 41
    Looking Forward to 10.4.1
  • Okay. Pure was unnecessary in that sentence. I mean, Cocoa code processes faster than Carbon code.
    C.K. Sample III had this to say on Apr 20, 2005 Posts: 41
    Pretty Pleased with Panther
  • Cocoa, as pure code, runs faster than Carbon. Yes, I will someday be writing "Pretty Pleased with Tiger," but that's part of my point: I probably won't be pretty pleased until all the kinks have been worked out. I did forget about Automater when I wrote this though. That I am looking forward to quite a bit.
    C.K. Sample III had this to say on Apr 20, 2005 Posts: 41
    Pretty Pleased with Panther
  • mightyDave, I don't see DRM as being necessary at all. That's what drives me nuts about it. It doesn't serve any *real* purpose except for possibly some vague hand-holding of RIAA execs that just don't get it. And even if we put aside that it infringes on existing fair use rights, and assume that it is necessary, then I still have a bone to pick with Apple. Namely, that Steve Jobs continually touts iTMS as being the success it is because we actually own the songs. Only thing is, the DRM cow-towing legalese agreement we all sign off on to use the store treats it more like a limited service that Apple can change (and has changed) any time they like. Very much false advertising, in addition to being fundamentally wrong, evil, and illegal (in that it violates fair use).
  • mightyDave, first, I just want to note that I checked out your website and I hate you b/c you have a Mac mini with Media Center and a LARGE flat panel TV. ;-) Again, CDs don't avoid DRM altogether, b/c some CDs have DRM and the ones that don't still pay money back to the RIAA who are behind all the DRM. Also, DRM should exist for the record labels peace of mind?! As I explained, it is a false peace of mind. Apple has been running the iTMS long enough and successfully enough at this point where they could start renegotiating with the RIAA, pointing out that DRM is problematic and a false security net, and suggesting something new and better that doesn't happen to violate consumers' fair use rights.
  • mightyDave, here's one answer to your question: My wife has a Powerbook and I have a Powerbook. Her Powerbook used to be my Powerbook, and when it was mine, I purchased some songs via my iTMS account that were for her (specifically a few Brittany Spears songs that I want nothing to do with). When she inherited my machine, she set up her own iTMS account. As a result her copy of iTunes is no longer associated with my account, so every time she tries to play the Brittany songs I bought for her and which I do not have a copy of, she gets a "This computer is not authorized blah blah blah" message. We've been meaning to copy the song over to my computer, so that I can burn it for her, she can rip it and then I can delete it from my Music library, but we keep forgetting as that is a big pain to do although it shouldn't be. This is one example of DRM being an inconvenience to me; if you want more, let me know and I'll type them all up for you. There are many. But even if it didn't really inconvenience me, I still don't understand why we have it. It flies in the face of fair use laws. It inconveniences the consumer. It costs Apple more money than not having it would, both in customers and in maintenance. Considering all of these reasons, can you make a clear argument for why we should have DRM? That's what I really do not get.
  • My comments on everyone's comments: The people who would steal the music are doing so in spite of the DRM. Most people aren't thieves and I, for one, resent the implication inherent in DRM that no one trusts the customer. The DRM is a sham, so why have it at all? Since it gets in the way of our fair use rights it is technically illegal, and to a certain degree I think it is going to take someone making a much worse form of DRM before this all goes to court and is played out the way it should be. Apple may have been at the RIAA's beck and call when iTMS first launched, but now, there is enough of a iTMS brand in place, I think, where Apple is capable of pushing back some. I'm waiting for them to do this. And waiting... Buying CDs in stores is no assurance of avoiding DRM / not supporting DRM, as the money still goes to the RIAA and CDs emerge every so often with anti-copy schemes built-in. Also, it's not nearly as convenient.
  • I would think that if THIS post triggered your shark-jumping sensibilities, one of my numerous previous articles on the site would have tripped it long ago. :-b
  • Oh, I forgot VLC. It rules. I used poisoned for a little while but it made my mac a sad mac with odd bugs popping up so I stopped using it. Perhaps it has improved?
    C.K. Sample III had this to say on Feb 17, 2005 Posts: 41
    The Beauty of Free
  • will, you're looking in the wrong directory. should be iPod_ControlMusic not iPod_ControliTunes F** should work properly under the correct directory.
    C.K. Sample III had this to say on Feb 15, 2005 Posts: 41
    A Look Inside the iPod Shuffle
  • For all you Windoze users: In [url=http://www.applematters.com/comments.php?id=272_0_1_0_C]last week's article's comments[/url], will came up with the DOS equivalent to the string I have above in step 5. Assuming your Windoze box has mounted the drive as H:, you would enter... H:iPod_ControlMusicF** to open all of the folders inside your Music folder.
  • Hey, will, Great work! If you want to open all the invisible folders at once, with that string, simply type: H:iPod_ControlMusicF** As the asterisks work as generic stand-ins for whatever characters may follow the F.
    C.K. Sample III had this to say on Feb 09, 2005 Posts: 41
    A Look Inside the iPod Shuffle
  • And another thing: $open F** This will open all the folders containing songs in the Music folder.
    C.K. Sample III had this to say on Feb 04, 2005 Posts: 41
    A Look Inside the iPod Shuffle
  • I just realized today that you can also simply type: $open F00 while in the Terminal to open a that Directory in the Finder. All the files inside will then be visible and drag-able. Cheers.
    C.K. Sample III had this to say on Feb 04, 2005 Posts: 41
    A Look Inside the iPod Shuffle