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  • I think stupidity. After a lot of feedback, I think he will have found how leglly exposed his position would be and it would cost him much more then prize money to proceed.
  • What happens to the songs if you dont pay the monthly fee. We know you wont be able to play them, but would the be ok if you begin paying after a lapse. If the Janus approach is to delete or completely disable your downloaded songs if you miss your subscription fee or stay disconnected a month (this can happen -think floods, hurricanes etc.) would you have to find and re-downloaded the songs again? For a few thousand songs this would be an onerous task. Certainly, this would be one way enforce you paying the montly fee. A Playforsure way to make you Payforsure?
    shaitan had this to say on Feb 03, 2005 Posts: 2
    Subscription Model Killing iTunes? Yawn.