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  • Aug 21, 2006
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  • Of course, you yourself didn't need that pull of 'doze yourself now, did you? ;) (I'm the one who converted a certain Mr. Wright to buy his first Mac… after a good six months of him slating them at the computer store we both worked in.) I do see this as a big advantage though, and if you read, he has the best explanation available- sure, you CAN run Windows on it, but once they've had a play with OS X and gotten used to it, going to Windows for those few unconverted apps they need will be done whilst holding their nose. Even my most recent converts at work (2 MacBook Pros) find the idea of using Windows on them disgusting now, and one's been a Mac user for less than a month. I kind of like the way this isn't heavily marketed either. Who better to give the honest advice than your friends? An advert saying 'Macs do Windows' will just confuse people, but hearing your techy friend explain it eases people's concerns. Best article you've written yet by the way.
    Kyle Marriott had this to say on May 24, 2006 Posts: 4
    Is Windows On a Mac Really Drawing in New Users?
  • Oh, and the breadcrumb view. Who needs the ability to CMD-Click the window title when the path to the folder or file is visible right above the window itself? Reading this article is just making me despair even more about having to use Explorer.exe at work.
    Kyle Marriott had this to say on May 17, 2006 Posts: 4
    Path Finder: A Finder Alternative?
  • The Hex viewing is awesome if you're into app h4xx0ring or developing. As is the unmentioned drop-down Terminal access. I use this on so many folders, and it speeds up my day a LOT. Plus, no mention of the tabbed file browsing? This was the killer feature for me. One window to browse them all. My only gripe is how awkward it is to replace Finder with it completely, and some slight speed issues. It could probably do with a price drop of $5 too, but I was more than happy to hand over my cash. Still, pretty good review mate ;)
    Kyle Marriott had this to say on May 17, 2006 Posts: 4
    Path Finder: A Finder Alternative?
  • Actually, the firewall in OS X is one of the best in the industry, let alone for an out-of-the-box solution. Its just IPFireWall from the underlying BSD subsystem, and by default is far more locked down and responsive than any other firewall I've used. Not to mention the custom bandwidth filtering it offers, via custom rulesets created via the Terminal. Sure, the interface for it may not look like much from the Sharing prefpane, but underneath its rock solid. Even more so if you turn on the 'Stealth Mode' in the Advanced pull-sheet. Surprised you didn't cover this, or the temporary solutions to the current two 'threats': Saft Lite: Unsanity's Paranoid Android: I know this is aimed at beginners, but a little more research wouldn't go amiss. You know you just have to ask on MSN dude ;)
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    Securing Your Mac