AAM: LCD as MacBook Monitor

by Aaron Wright Feb 26, 2007

After a break from AAM we’re back with another question, this time regarding an LCD screen being used as a MacBook Pro monitor. Before we get onto that though, it’s time to wrap up a question posted a couple of weeks ago. Our last AAM focused on screen savers and if it was possible for one user to have screen savers active at an idle login window on OS X, mainly to be used within a school.

Hadley Stern, founder of Apple Matters, posted up a snippet of code from another website which technically worked, but not for this particular user who wanted the screen savers to be active over a network of computers.

However, the answer has been located on a Wiki page found here. Unfortunately I’ve not had the chance to test this but I’ve been assured it does work. I’d like to thank Uuseless from Canada who left a comment with the link. With a bit of luck this will solve Frank Young’s question.

For this week, however, we’ve got a simple question from Haye321. Haye wishes to know how to allow his 32-inch Sharp LCD TV to become a monitor for his MacBook Pro while having the MacBook Pro’s screen turned off.

The answer? Read below.

Question of the Week

LCD TV as Monitor for MacBook Pro

By: Haye321

I just got a 32-inch Sharp LCD TV and I wanted to use it as a monitor for my Mac Book Pro (MBP). When I plugged the TV into my MBP, the screen on my MBP was still on. When I closed the top, my MBP hibernated and the picture on the TV turned off also. I was hoping there was a way to turn off the MBP’s screen while the picture remains on the TV, or a way to hibernate the MBP while allowing the picture to remain on the TV.

Answer of the Week

By: Msgreenf

You should be able to configure this. You want to go into System Preferences, and then Power Management, and the settings should be in there.

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  • What a horrible answer!

    What this person needs is an external keyboard or mouse. What he needs to do is put the computer to sleep by closing the lid, plug in the screen, plug in the keyboard or mouse, hit a button on the keyboard or mouse (which will wake the computer up) then open the lid. The internal screen will be off but the external screen will be on.

    Rob Speed had this to say on Feb 26, 2007 Posts: 2
  • Rob is the one with the correct answer. Booting with an external keyboard, mouse and monitor hooked up will allow your system to run with the cover closed.

    However, I’d recommend keeping an eye on the processor and HD temperature with a monitoring utility.

    Scott had this to say on Feb 26, 2007 Posts: 144
  • Actually, you can open the lid after it wakes up and the internal screen will stay off. It’s pretty cool.

    Rob Speed had this to say on Feb 26, 2007 Posts: 2
  • Can you leave the lid open and use the other screen as a dual monitor setup?  I will be getting a Macbook Pro in a few weeks (finally!) and will be interested in this kind of configuration.

    Beeblebrox had this to say on Feb 27, 2007 Posts: 2220
  • Beeble, you are getting a Mac? I thought you were a PC user wink

    Yes, you can leave the lid open and either mirror the display, or can have the display span both monitors. You can even adjust, via the display control panel where the dock and main top menu appears….it is very sweet!

    Hadley Stern had this to say on Feb 27, 2007 Posts: 114
  • I’ve been using my iMac with a dual display for a little while now (it’s handy dandy).  I just wanted to make sure the Macbook Pro could do the same thing.  Thanks, Hadley.

    Beeblebrox had this to say on Feb 27, 2007 Posts: 2220
  • I want to use my SONY LCD tv with imac, is it possible ?

    ipod accessories had this to say on Jun 24, 2007 Posts: 2
  • You can use the Sony LCD TV with imac….

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    InfoMastery had this to say on Sep 22, 2010 Posts: 1
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