AAM: When was my file deleted?

by Aaron Wright Dec 04, 2006

Other than the obvious graphical changes and the way OS X works, the first thing a lot of Windows-to-Mac switches notice when using Tiger is the Trash can.

In Windows the trash can is a lot more obvious to use than OS X’s version, allowing you to organize old files by Name, Date Deleted, Date Created, Location and type of file with the simple click of a button, whilst in OS X you need to “ctrl+click” or right click, select ‘Show view options’ and then set the options that appear. Okay, for most computer users this isn’t so much of a problem, but if you’ve just made a switch to OS X, it’s not always so clear.

This weeks user Tiger sends us his question regarding trash can and how he’s unable to organize the files by date deleted. It’s all really down to everything I’ve mentioned above but this weeks answer comes from Graham who nailed it in one.

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Question of the Week

Trash Can: When was file deleted?

Question by: Tiger

I’m a recent switcher to Mac.

One of the few things I miss from Windoze is the ability to search in the Trash by the date when a file was deleted. I’m floored that OS X doesn’t have this functionality built-in. Instead, Trash is a folder just like any other.

I looked at some utilities (Smart Trash & Garbage Man) but couldn’t find one that has the date of deletion or that was overkill.

The problem is that when I want to remove a file from the Trash but don’t remember its name, it can take a long, frustrating time to find it.

Any help?


Answer by: Graham

If you are putting things in the trash it should mean you never want them again. Leopard (the next os) will have a back up option that will allow you to easily find anything you have modified on your computer (you will need an external HD), this should eliminate your fear about “what if”.

Also in your trash folder do ctrl-click, view options, date modified. And that I think puts them in chronological order of deletion.

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