Gil Amelio Interviewed

by Chris Seibold Feb 23, 2006

The fellas who do the podcast (disclaimer: the host is a good friend of mine) scored an interview with Dr. Gil Amelio, former CEO of Apple. Dr. Amelio, who I’ve learned a lot about doing the This Day in Apple History Project, turns out to be a very dynamic and interesting interview for someone with a physics background. Well worth the listen.


  • Chris.. I went out on a limb to spend the time to listen to it (I hate listening to podcasts on my computer) and ... actually, I’m very glad I did. The interview was very interesting, in fact.

    I’ve decided to subscribe to the podcast for now, because I know they have an interview with Microsoft next week, and some “major announcement” on air with them smile
    Although I never have time to listen to podcasts, really. But maybe this will be the first I stick with.

    Hmm…. what’s this, an episode featuring interview with Chris Seibold himself? Oh I just have to have it! *downloads*

    Luke Mildenhall-Ward had this to say on Feb 25, 2006 Posts: 299
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