July 19, 2000: Cube Introduced

by Chris Seibold Jul 19, 2011

The G4 cube was hailed by the media as a design breakthrough. There is little wonder why, the small form factor and convection cooling made the cube a desirable computer for anyone who valued form and silent computing while still demanding near top of the line performance.

The trouble was that not a lot of people appreciated the price. While everyone though the Cube looked stunning, they also realized that they could get an equivalent and more expandable G4 for less cash. The pros like expandability and the non-pros like cheap. The long and short of the situation was that very few ever bought the Cube.

Apple's most public missteps since Steve Job's return to Apple was introduced on July 19,2000.


  • The Cube was actually introduced in 2000, not 2001.  As per your history page for 7 July the cube was discontinued on that date in 2001.

    buschaga had this to say on Jul 19, 2006 Posts: 2
  • What timing! I got my first Cube YESTERDAY!

    I couldn’t afford one when they were first released. I had to wait seven years, but now she’s all mine…

    R. Mansfield had this to say on Jul 19, 2007 Posts: 11
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