July 24, 2000: Steve Jobs Predicts iMovie Will Be Bigger than Desktop Publishing

by Chris Seibold Jul 24, 2011

iMovie is a the ultimate example of once prohibitively expensive media democratized for the average person. Credit Glen Reid for the truly clever programming but credit Steve Jobs with the passion for bringing low cost video editing to the masses.

How convinced was Steve Jobs that iMovie would be the next big thing? In a question and answer session with industry analysts, Steve had this to say:

"Without going into much detail here, because we don't want to -- the one thing I would point you to is iMovie. iMovie is huge. We believe that desktop movies are bigger than desktop publishing. We know a lot more people who want to make a movie of their family than want to put out a newsletter from home. Apple knows a lot about creating new markets, it helped created desktop publishing, and we are really far ahead of everyone. iMovie has been a huge hit ...There are more of those. We are working on them."

iMovie may not have become bigger than desktop publishing but the program did bring a lot of joy to Mac users. Steve Jobs made the bold prediction on July 24, 2000.


  • I’d say Jobs nailed it as far as the common user goes.

    Neil Anderson had this to say on Jul 24, 2007 Posts: 23
  • When I wrote the bit I would’ve have disagreed, now, you guys are right Jobs did nail it…

    Chris Seibold had this to say on Jul 26, 2007 Posts: 354
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