July 29, 1993: Apple Introduces AV series of Computers

by Chris Seibold Jul 29, 2011

In the current computing climate the notion that you can get video from a source onto you computer is a given. That wasn't always the case. Apple pioneered the easy video import video market with their line of AV computers. The line consisted of the Mac 660AV and the 840 AV. Both machines were built around a 68040 processor and both featured a special chip manufactured by AT&T to handle the "digital" and "video" represented in the AV moniker. The machines weren't only unique in the addition of the chip by AT&T they also featured the questionable Geoport port. The port maxed out at 19.9 kbps using a modem from Apple but, thanks to the odd port, the machines could double as an answering machine. With standard hard drive sizes of 230MB for the 660AV and up to a full gig for the 840 model it was obviously a solution for people who didn't get a lot of phone alls. Apple made it's first attempt at a hub (of sorts) came on July 29, 1993


  • Does anyone care to spell check anymore? Three paragraphs…geez how lazy are we now?

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  • ah yes, i was a lowly student sales rep at a university bookstore. i remember trying to sell the various mac configurations and models of the day (quadras and performa’s on top of classics and powerbooks) which were needlessly manifold.

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