So How’s Tiger?

by Hadley Stern May 02, 2005

You’d think for someone who runs Apple Matters I’d have been at my local Apple store at 6 PM Friday. Well, I wasn’t! I ordered mine from Amazon a while back and Tiger is supposed to arrive today. Of course, now, three days into Tiger I regret my original decision. Oh well.

So tell me, tell the world, how did your Tiger install go? What’s good, what’s not?


  • listen to me now and believe me later, this is a good thing.  a lot of apps and os extensions that work in panther will break in tiger.  the smart people are waiting a month or two or at least until the first software update comes out before upgrading to tiger.  amazon is doing you a favor by delaying the inevitable.  you’ll thank them later.

    g5u1 had this to say on May 02, 2005 Posts: 9
  • Everything is fine for me, although Spotlight is slower than I imagined.

    I like the new Finder search a lot, Safari 2 is great, iChat 3 took a step backwards with somethings (when the person you are talking to signs off, the input box stays typable).

    Install went great, just like Panther for me, but since it’s all one disk fater. Overall the install took around an hour, but it felt like an eternity waiting for my new Toy.

    Dashboard is pretty sweet, although I wish there was an option to let some widgets stay beneth some windows.

    I think you’ll be happy, but it was nothing like what I expected, in a negitive way =/.

    mdipi had this to say on May 02, 2005 Posts: 3
  • I don’t find the change as drastic as it was from Jaguar to Panther.

    Dashboard isn’t nearly as useful as Expose turned out to be. But Spotlight is certainly at that level - but its really just an enhanced “Find” which we’ve always had.

    On my system - there is zero performance increase which is counter what I had read in other reviews.

    Mail’s buttons are horrendous - and I quickly used CageFighter to remove them. The unfortunate side effect is now there is no “depressed” state of the icon buttons.

    Smart Folders: I only recently started using Smart Playlists for iTunes - and just basic things like “Music Added This Week”. The way I work with files, I just don’t see the need - organizing my files just doesn’t need help. Smart Folders in Mail - definately useful: and this shows the theme of what makes Smart Folders useful: the records being organized must have a very limited and consistent set of attributes to “get smart” about.

    Automator: Very intriguing, and seems like there should really be a whole tutorial for this. I remember back in the day going over the MacOS guided tour and learning all sorts of cool things about the Finder - why not Automator?

    Safari RSS: Faster, now with RSS - but still not as fast as Camino nor as customizable. A local RSS feed reader is fine if you only access your feeds from that app and that computer - but if you tend to check from your phone or work computer then its really all about web-based readers like Bloglines.

    According to the ArsTechnica review - a lot of the major additions were under the hood - and that’s what it seems. Not much has changed my day to day operation: probably the smoothest update since System 8 to 9.

    Nathan had this to say on May 03, 2005 Posts: 219
  • It’s May 2nd and I’m still waiting on Apple’s promise to get Tiger to me by the 29th if I order it before the 26th. I’m also still waiting on that 3Ghz model, but with that meager bump made last week, I can’t wait out a two year delay. I can however, wait out a four day delay for the Tiger, which is apparently sitting on a FedEx truck for 24+hours. Hope they give it water.

    eyehop had this to say on May 03, 2005 Posts: 19
  • Nathan, well said. You hit everything I wanted to say right on the head, and more indepth, probs bruddah.

    mdipi had this to say on May 03, 2005 Posts: 3
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