Talk to San Francisco Chronicle About Your Mac Passion

by Hadley Stern Mar 20, 2006

Ellen Lee, a reporter with the San Francisco chronicle is doing a piece on Apple for the 30th anniversary. She is interested in talking to any Bay area mac lovers.

“I’m writing a story about Apple’s 30th birthday and am looking to talk to Mac fans in the San Francisco Bay Area, the more devoted, the better. I want to hear about how they fell in love with their Mac, what they do to show their commitment, and, of course, what they think about Apple turning 30 next week. I can be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Thank you so much! Ellen”


  • Can I share how much I hate the Mac? I’m pretty passionate about it. I don’t really want anyone to use them at all since I’m a software developer and Apple offers the worst developer tools. X-Code is a mess and Objective-C is the most horrible deformation of C that I’ve ever seen.

    If people (and I mean > 3% of the market) actually start using Macs, then I might have to work with that crap.

    macsrpoop had this to say on Mar 26, 2006 Posts: 3
  • I’ve always though it funny that Wintel trolls claim to hate Macs then frequent Mac enthusiasts sites.

    It just doesn’t make sense.  If you love your OS of choice so much, then why not go to a ‘X’OS enthusiast site and have some meaningful conversation about your user experience and how to improve it rather than go to an enthusiast site of an OS you claim to hate with all of your passion just to trash it?

    I’m not trying to start a flame war, just trying to understand the phenomena of “I hate Macs so much that I feel compelled to visit Mac enthusiast sites and trash them.”  If we are as inconsequential as you say (+/- 3%), then why bother with us at all?

    e:leaf had this to say on Apr 06, 2006 Posts: 32
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