MacBook Pro Comparison Charts

Tristan Louis has an interesting comparison over at his blog comparing the just announced MacBook Pro with the former G4 line and comparable windows laptops. …(read more)

MacBook Pro “Feature” Spells Death of Low End FireWire?

Well there wasn’t a FireWireless widescreen iBook revealed at yesterdays keynote to the chagrin of the rumor sites (J. O’grady you get and F triple …(read more)

MacBook On Order, Happily Including FireWire

Just ordered the low cost (hah, 2 GRAND) MacBook. I was happily surprised when FireWire was still included. I was betting FireWire was a thing …(read more)

What will Apple do with Intel’s advertising dollars?

Intel has a rather brilliant marketing strategy that has worked very well for the company over the years. This strategy mainly involves giving money to …(read more)

Microsoft to fall over in 2006? pfft!

A new year and tired old predictions of the demise of Windows and Microsoft. I worked in the Windows world for too long. In the …(read more)

When was the last time you went to the movies?

2 movie tickets - $17.00 1 large popcorn - $5.50 2 large sodas - $9.00 Total Price = $31.50 Comparision of just how much entertainment …(read more)

The first thing you should do after you buy songs from iTunes

Being an author of a book about the iPod I get quite a few questions. The one that still amazes me to this day is …(read more)

Get the MAKE widget (and learn how to make your own)

Wanna make a widget? Well, you can pretty easily! Right now we at Apple Matters are going through the widget development process and are having …(read more)

Microsoft buys out Opera?

CoolTechZone are reporting that Microsoft have all but bought Opera, the browser.  If this is true, it is a sad day indeed, particularly remembering what …(read more)

Thinking about a 5G iPod

I haven’t bought one yet (after all, I already have way too many iPods!) and I am still trying to figure out how I feel …(read more)

The Soon To Be Most Hyped Up Non-Stories of 2006

In looking back over the last few years I can see certain trends. Some good (hybrid cars), some bad (Britney Spears) and some just mind-numbingly …(read more)

How up to date is you iPhoto library?

iPhoto enables you to catalog your photos with Titles, Comments, Ratings and Keywords, but how many of us keep those up to date? I’d be …(read more)