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  • Oct 26, 2007
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  • Why I will not switch to Mac. I honestly have tried multiple Operating Systems and have found a solution for myself. And Macs didn't make the cut. 1. Versatility. You want versatility, you cant beat Windows unfortunately. Multiple distros of Linux come close and Macs just don't have it. Its sad when I can get more fully functional and very powerful software on Ubuntu than I can a Mac...AND OSX IS UNIX BASED!!! 2. Games. Comments have been made about not not being able to find PC games or that they prefer console games. Ok, first... GameStop and EB Games haven't sold PC games in MONTHS. Mainly because you cant trade in PC games for old ones. And this "buy back" program is where these guys make tons of money off these poor kids. Go look in at Fry's Electronics or Best Buy. 4 AISLE OF GAMES !!! While console games only get 1 aisle per console if they are lucky. PC games today are making money that is approaching the Hollywood numbers. Look at the numbers Half-Life 2 put out in the first year. Halo 1 and 2 combined barely surpassed it. As for gaming on Linux...forget it, there are fewer games available for Linux than there are for Macs. And getting a windows game running on ANY version of Linux is like pulling teeth. Even with WINE and Cedega. Macs have a couple (literally) of games available but even the Pro systems running XP with windows games still get out performed compared to equivalent hardware on a PC for over $500 less. 3. Stability. Windows lost this battle. Macs however do well but, when they die its a horrible death. Given the marked improvement over the past, when OSX arrived built around a UNIX core I couldnt have been more thrilled. However it still coulnt compete with the Linux distros that I tested. Ubuntu, Fedora Core, FreeBSD all have my eye when I want stability.
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