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  • Oct 02, 2007
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  • Is he still on the Gap board?
  • The 233MHz G3 came with Mac OS 8.1, not System 7.5 (Apple started calling it Mac OS as of 7.6) I used to have one. A client gave me his old one. The publishing industry including Quark Xpress or PageMaker for that matter, was seriously held back until Mac OS 9 allowed a far greater number of open files, something very common with font management and virtual RAM situations. I too wish for an OS X version of ATM Deluxe, as it seemed better than Suitcase. I use Windowshade X from Unsanity to bring back some OS 9 features. As for crashing and corrupting documents, fonts and directories, Mac OS 7.5 to 9.2.2 and Quark were famous for it. Quark's instablility is the basis for my income. Mac OS 10.3 and Adobe InDesign are so stable, you could go month's without a single problem. When OS X was introduced, I disliked it because it didn't work the way we were used to for so many years. I bent to it's way and to some extent, WindowShade X, FruitMenu and others helped me bend OS X to my way. You can get far more accomplished with a modern Mac and modern software. Back in 1997, I was in my sixth year of being a Mac consultant. I hope you get a modern Mac and get some production work done. By the way, your G3 is now worth less than $100. You're overdue for a G5.
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    Mac OS 7.5: Better than Tiger Will Ever Be
  • Go to a Mac User group Meeting. Talk to a Mac consultant, whose life revolves around the Mac. You'll find the cult is alive. Windows bashing and evangelizing the Mac advantage to anyone and getting insulted by Windows advocates who don't know the Mac. Switchers like Tuju have seen the light from Steve Jobs enthusiasm rub off. He's joined a friendly group of people who ENJOY using their computer of choice, rather than Windows users forced to use the box plopped in front of them. I would rather hang with the creative types using Macs, rather than the boring paper pushers in the grey world of unfriendly Wintel. How much is 60,000 viruses worth? Yes Macs cost more but they are so worth it. No other product has such loyal users. 20 years and no regrets.
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    The Apple Cult Is Dead
  • Perhaps you seemed to not need help, being Mac Savvy. The PC users can be spotted by trained salespeople. Still, they should have stopped joking among themselves and asked if you had any questions. There is soft sell and then there is no sale, and Apple Store employees don't seem to be good "closers."