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  • Dec 03, 2005
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  • Uh, that new skin looks nothig like any Windows skin available on XP, for starters it appears concaved, and has two soft colours and the line between the two colours is also fairly soft. XP in standard uses bold colours with huge contrasts between the window and the "grey area"(actually slightly yellow on XP). The classic skin appers to be made of painted girders.
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    Where for art thou, Brushed Al?
  • Hmmm. Never thought about that. Thatd really cook Bill's goose.
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    PowerMac on Intel, the Beast Cuts Loose
  • The biggest problem facing Windows/Microsoft in general (and to a certain degree Sony)in my eyes is their size. People dislike dominance and often seek out an alternative.Look at the public opinion of EA. People see it as a faceless corporation, that killed Sega hardware for no good reason. People only buy EA games because often there is no alternative, but Microsoft(and Sony) have competitors coming in from all sides, can they cope with the likely defections? I say this, being a defetor from both myself.
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    Can Apple Put a Hurting On Microsoft?