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  • Feb 14, 2007
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  • This experiment is not a success, as Beeblebrox so gleefully sneered. Instead of using the 'Internet connection' in your example you might as well could have used a working or lacking powerline to supply the box. That's just silly. As a matter of fact it's interesting that you wrecked your brain until you came up with a situation so desperate (being stranded on a deserted island) that you could make someone choose a Win over a Mac. Cute, no? It's like knowing of the innert superiority of "X" over "Y" and then forging the magical question: "Ok...if you could choose X PLUS being shot in the knees, hit on the head, having your eyes gouged and receiving a thousandandone whiplashes on your raw skin.....ORRRRRRR product Y and...errm...a monthly bonus of $1.000! Which one is it gonna be, chief?". Wow!! He chose 'Y'! Hahahaha...he's admitting that 'X' is useless and shitty. Errrm...right. Great analysis, Mr. Freud jr. And on a last a little more serious note: What more can you do to incorporate the internet into the OS than Apple is doing with iDisk and all of its apps that are extremely internet savvy (iWeb, iPhoto, iCal, .mac-groups etc...) easily tied together by the Cocoa API (and yes, all this has to be considered to be part of the OS). Cheerio, -Joker "An Apple a day keeps Windows away...."
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    The Operating System Is Dead