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  • Nov 22, 2005
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  • Most people understand that Apple will do something to keep OS X from being installed on PCs. Loading OS X on a Dull is not going to happen. One key issue is that part of the revenue from every Mac sold goes to R&D, including OS X development. With around half a billion sent on R&D each year Apple is not going to change their business plan for someone that wants a $129 "Mac" by putting it on a 4 year old PC. There is also the fact that trying to run a OS X on all of the millions of variations of PC components would be impractical - and expensive. It all gets down to a Mac will be a Mac, regardless of the chip inside - just as it has been since 1984. It will have all of the same "limitations" every other Mac has had and will continue to deliver the same (or better) experience that we are getting today.
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    Macintosh: Intel Inside! Now Improved With Delicious DRM