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  • >>Lucky, when I open a Word doument with images in it they get left out of it.>> OK, fair enough. It doesn't handle images in Word docs. Yes, technically, Apple did add a Page Layout mode. I should have been more clear about that. They also added a word processing mode. They added modes. It could be a matter of semantics. Either way, Pages does seem more like an actual, day to day word processor. I'm guessing such a change was the actual intent. Integration aside, I still prefer Word.
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    Why Do I Use Apple's Apps?
  • >>Apple only added the layout mode for Pages in the latest version, which is version 3. Before that there was only the word processing mode.>> Uhmm, I think you've got that backwards. Apple only recently added the word processing mode. I agree that Pages does, now, qualify as a word processor. Of course, users have to export their way to compatibility. As for TextEdit, it certainly isn't a Word killer by any means. But I do find it a very under-appreciated word processor. Many Mac users, if they would spend a bit of time with the app, might be surprised by its usefullness. I'm guessing that an equal number of users might not confess that TextEdit is all the app they really need. Images can be inserted - inline with text. The app does support the RTFD format. Under Leopard, a few more functions have been added as well. The integration of Apple supplied programs is a big plus. Moving between TextEdit, Pages, Stickies, Mail, Safari, iPhoto...the common tools and sharing of information does make things simpler.
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    Why Do I Use Apple's Apps?
  • There's a long list of practical, tangible reasons for Windows users to avoid the Mac platform. As mentioned in a previous reply, most folks couldn't care less about the subject. It's not a question of ignorance. Intelligent and successful people, from all over, manage just fine without ever touching a Macintosh computer. Price certainly is a factor. Apple may not be interested in budget pricing – and it may not be in their best interest – but the buyer is very much interested in the cost of computer hardware. Some real bargains are available in PC’s right now, both desktops and laptops. I know, as I recently bought one – an HP Slimline desktop model running Vista, Office and some other Windows-only software. It’s not a flimsy piece of junk either. It is proving to be a perfectly functional machine. Comparing the price and the specs to a Mac Mini, well… Speaking of Office, the 2007 version on my PC has been a pleasure to use. Speed, stability, compatibility…it runs rings around the Macintosh package. I’ve been a regular user of Word and Excel on my Macs, but the difference is obvious. Has anyone seen the previews of Office 2008? What an eyesore of an interface! Yes, I’m well aware of Boot Camp and the whole virtual machine thing. Buying a Mac, though, primarily to run Windows software just doesn’t make much sense. Apple has made it easier for the PC world to use many of the company’s products without actually buying a Mac – iTunes, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Airport Express, QuickTime Player, QuickTime Pro… All of these are available for use on Windows-based computers. I’ve read that this is intended as a Trojan Horse to lure converts. Maybe so, but an opposite reaction could also take place. iTunes works fine on my HP and I can access all the same QT content. With a Pro license, I can do some editing as well. The iLife package is a draw for many, but guess what? For the casual user, Windows Movie Maker and Photo Gallery are more than adequate. A co-worker uses a PC laptop and runs AutoCad for a living. He had thought about a Mac, but couldn’t justify the high cost of a MacBook Pro along with a separate copy of Windows. It just didn’t add up. He has installed iTunes as his default music player and bought a new iPod Nano. I showed him what could be done with QuickTime Pro. He’s happy.  
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    8 Reasons Windows Users Don’t Switch
  • Most computer users aren't all that interested in thoughtful little design touches drawn up by Apple. Even more so, when such *features* offer virtually no practical advantages. I'm certainly not alone in saying that the Mac platform is my preference because of software - not hardware. It's the OS, not a pretty box. I am willing to tolerate the limited scope and high price of Apple hardware to run the Mac OS. >>get rid of obsolete ports>> Apple canned the obsolete SCSI port. PC laptop vendors are sacking the obsolete parallel port. What's the difference? ...and what about the cute and pretty MacBook? The connection of any type of external display requires the purchase of an optional and proprietary adaptor - a separate one for each connection. Now that's a thoughtful little design touch, isn't it? >> control buttons...>> They may be there for a reason. Many PC laptops allow one to access media without first booting up the OS. Watch a movie, listen to music, scroll thru pics...these buttons could come in handy. >>Pick a color scheme and stick with it >> A choice of lid colors? The horror!! Didn't Apple once try something similar with the old CRT iMacs? Just when we were getting used to white, Apple changed to silver. But why didn't they change the Mighty Mouse to match? Can't Apple pick a color scheme and stick with it?? >> need to make it weigh 35 pounds>> That's a bit of a reach, even for sarcasm. A quick search on Dell's site found a range of weights between 4 and 9 pounds. And frankly, anyone who can't handle a few ounces of additional weight - needs to get outside more. >>...disk drive should go in the front>> Oh, like the MacBook, or my trusty iBook. I see.
  • I downloaded the trial version of iWork, primarily to check out the new Numbers app. At this point, I can't see it replacing Excel. For one thing, Numbers doesn't seem to fit well in my iBook's 1024x768 screen space. The app feels very crowded - almost to the point of being unusable. Excel's full width, multi-tab design seems more efficient. Also, some basic features aren't there, or I've missed them. There is no "freeze pane" command and no ability to password protect a sheet. I have to agree that the design focus of Numbers is not a priority of mine.
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    iWork '08—Numbers & Keynote
  • >>MS Office on the Mac is an atrocity. It’s horribly designed inside and out. There’s huge demand for a replacement.>> Come on, now. You must be using an entirely different Office app. Office 2004 is a perfectly fine package. I much prefer Word, Excel and Entourage over any Mac alternatives. Pages? No thanks. If Office came from any other shop than Microsoft, would the same level of harsh criticism be applied to it? Not likely. I'm certainly not alone when I say that, without Microsoft Office, I wouldn't be using a Mac.
  • I've long preferred trackballs to mice. Right now, I'm using a Kensington Orbit Optical and a Marble Mouse is being used by a family member.
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    Logitech Marble Mouse
  • I agree that, many times, we argue only for argument's sake. As an example, for one who does not play computer games to insist that the Mac platform has no games is a bit silly. I recently purchased an iBook to complement a MacMini but before doing so, I made a list of actual, real-world software choices that I would lose by not using a PC laptop. It ended up being a compromise that I can handle.
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    The Best Software Selection Is on the Mac
  • I've found a few gaps in Mac software choices... T-Mobile Connection Manager...supports WPA encryption...Windows only Mapping software...Streets 'n Trips, Street Atlas USA and others Tax more TaxCut Financial the offerings from Intuit Handheld support...with either Palm or PocketPC, the Mac choices seem either dated, incomplete, buggy or requiring third-party help
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    The Best Software Selection Is on the Mac
  • The software makes all the difference for me. I've never cared much for Apple's minimalist laptop designs. From a hardware standpoint, I much prefer my Centrino-based, widescreen Toshiba notebook. I agree about all the *extras* tossed in by the vendors. My Toshiba shipped chock full of redundant utilities for all manner of things. Each and every one insisted on "taking charge" of the system. In contrast, the System Preferences app in OS X is a joy to use. Now, if I could dump Windows and install OS X on the Toshiba, then I'd have the best of both worlds.
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    The ThinkPad Who Came To Dinner
  • Hello. I found this page from a link at MacSurfer. I returned to the Mac fold earlier this year after a long absence. Anyway…here’s my short list. MAC MINI…It’s hardware, yes, but this neat little machine was (is) the primary reason that I’m now using a Mac. It fits right in with our existing Windows laptop…sharing a display, keyboard and mouse. The Mini is quiet, takes up little space and has been very reliable. MICROSOFT OFFICE 2004…I know, I know. But let’s face it: if not for Office, more than a few people simply wouldn’t use a Mac. I like the package. It is powerful, flexible and the various parts all share a consistent design. My biggest gripe with OS X is the near onslaught of dissimilar looks and inconsistent designs. Office allows me to avoid most of that. I much prefer Entourage over any type of iCal/Address Book/Mail/Stickies arrangement. PREVIEW…finally, a simple and fast replacement for the god-awful Acrobat Reader. Preview now has a basic set of image editing tools as well…all that I would really need. It allows me to avoid iPhoto. SYSTEM PREFERENCES…a simple and clear application for setting up my Mac to my taste. DASHBOARD…at first I found it to be just more OS X eye candy. But, unlike Expose, I’m actually using it now. iCLIPlite…a free Dashboard widget providing space for multiple clipboard items. MACJANITOR…the Mini sleeps at night so this utility can be run at any time.
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    A Dozen Mac Gems Unearthed In 2005