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  • Sep 05, 2007
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  • The biggest problem with the Moto phones is their terrible GUI. Apple could really score points if they added a scroll wheel and better navigation to this phone line. I switched earlier this year from Samsung to a Moto V600 and the phone is a dog. You can only target the first letter of a Phone book entry and then must click, click, click... forever to find the entry you want. Definately not the ease of use one looks for in a mobile device. Samsung allowed you to spell out as much of a name as you wanted. Moto also stores each number for a person as a separate entry rather than clustering multiple phone numbers for a single name in one place , this entails duplicaing the name for each entry, a complete waste of space. I am a business user and have lots of names and multiple numbers for each stored so this is a constant annoyance.
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    iPhone Inevitability?
  • In tody's diversified product market there is plenty of room for Apple to become the Lexus of PC computers. As in the automotive world there are a myriad of choices for the consumer but plenty choose Lexus, Mercedes, Infinity and Cadillac when numerous cheaper choices are available. Those that want the best are always willing to pay for vehicles that have smarter styling and greater reliability. If Apple can capture a significant volume of PC users to its OS it will reward the company with greater profits and benefit the user with more developers wanting to pile on to increase their own profits as well.
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    What Uncle Ben Taught Me About Mac Hardware