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  • Sep 12, 2007
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  • This sounded kinda crazy (cutting the cord), until you realize it's for proof of product. It's actually pretty slick, since what is almost always the case is that you need to return the entire unit. I love it. They probably got the idea from book stores that rip off the covers to return to the publisher, rather than shipping the entire unsold book back. Also, you can return the fan to Target, get a working one, cut off it's cord, return it for another working one, and buy a new cord at a hardware store. Get's you 2 fans for $12, rather than one for $10. So WTF are you complaining about? That you bought a dirt cheap fan at a dirt cheap store, and you're surprised that the quality control isn't up to par with a decent fan from a decent store at a decent price? And on top of this, you get _customer service_ to respond on a $10 product, costing them probably their entire profit margin in the time paid to the person to reply to you? Not only that, but you get a really cool, cheap alternative solution if the store won't accept a return. Definately a "I can't make this .... up file" moment, but I think it goes into Jessica Goncalves ' files, not yours.
  • If you feel the Touch must have e-mail, you should buy the Touch with e-mail over wi-fi. It's called the iPhone, have you heard of it? Email, with wi-fi only, is nearly worthless to most people. I've had a Palm T|X with wi-fi email for a couple years now, and use it about 2 times a year. Because for the most part, if I'm near a wi-fi access point, I'm within 50 feet of a computer, which I will walk over to in order to check my email quickly on a big screen, and respond quickly with a keyboard. There is very little value in a wi-fi only email device. There is great value in a cellular email device, because the times that it's useful is when you are farther than 75 feet from a computer/wi-fi access point. Take out EDGE, and you may as well remove email, so you won't get all the support calls complaining that users can't check their email because they don't have access to wi-fi, and didn't realize that that wi-fi stuff didn't come with the device. Pretty obvious, and Apple must have taking the 12 seconds necessary to work through the logic. Now, complain that Apple doesn't make a Touch with EDGE and a for AT&T into offering a $10/mo unlimited data plan.... that I can agree with, because having a separate phone would let you access the internet over EDGE while you're on the phone.
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